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Oliver's warty pig

Sus oliveri

Status: Vulnerable

Did you know? Originally considered a subspecies of the Philippine warty pig, Oliver’s warty pig can be distinguished by its very elongated facial skeleton, which points more downward.

Mindoro warty pig - Unknown.jpg


Although their habitat preference remains mostly unclear, the species seems to be found in lowland, mid-montane and dry-molave forests, and savannah grasslands.


Presumed to be similar to their closely-related species (S. philippensis), their diet seems to include a wide variety of plants, tubers, fallen fruits, and invertebrates.


Nothing is known.


Primarily habitat loss, high hunting pressure, and hybridisation with free-ranging domestic pigs.

Conservation Actions

Very little information is known about this species, but they tend to restrict themselves to mountainous areas, such as Mt. Iglit-Baco National Park which is a protected area. Further research and surveys are needed to protect the species from their decline.

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