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Palawan bearded pig

Sus ahoenobarbus

Status: Near Threatened

Did you know? The Palawan bearded pig

is the largest wild suid from the Philippines.

Palawan bearded pig - Unknown.bmp


Confined to the Philippines, the species occurs in a variety of forests ranging from lowland and mid-montane rainforests forests to drier open woodland and grasslands, but is also recorded in drier limestone and mangrove forests in coastal areas, and cultivated and managed areas.


Although unstudied, likely to be relatively varied, as its counterpart the Bornean bearded pig consumes roots, fungi, invertebrates, small vertebrates and a great range of plants.


Very little is known about the social structure, home ranges or activity patterns of the species. However, a few reports from local people suggest that the species lives in small social groups including two to three individuals. The Palawan bearded pig seems to be mostly diurnal in undisturbed areas, but more nocturnal in areas with high hunting pressures.


Primarily subsistence hunting and forest clearing due to commercial logging or agricultural expansion. Hunting in retaliation for crop damages may also occur in some areas.

Conservation Actions

The species occurs in areas that are legally protected by Philippine wildlife protection legislation. However, law enforcement is often not implemented.

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