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Location: Europe

Start date: 2017

Major partners: ENETWILD-consortium

Summary: The specific objectives of ENETWILD are:

- To collect existing published or unpublished data on the geographical distribution and abundance of selected wildlife hosts, to validate and to aggregate them in a harmonized way in a common database.

- To promote and coordinate the generation of new data on distribution and abundance of selected wildlife species, and modelling them, to fill the gaps identified in objective-1.

- To further enhance the network of wildlife professionals to support data collection activities required in objectives 1 and 2:

- To link the existing network to other European or international groups/networks active in the area of wildlife population surveillance.

- To promote the development and adoption of harmonized protocols for presence assessments and population counts, standardization of data format validation and quality assessment of data submissions.

- To strengthen collaboration on integral wildlife surveillance activities in Europe enhancing the European network between population and health specialists.

WPSG Member contact: Oliver Keuling


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