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In-Situ Conservation Program for Javan Warty Pig Sus verrucosus in Batukaras, West Java, Indonesia

Focal species: Javan warty pig

Location: Indonesia

Start date: January 1st 2021

Major partners: Chester Zoo; Stiftung Artenschutz

Summary: The Javan warty pig (Sus verrucosus; hereafter ‘JWP’) is endemic to the Java,

Indonesia. Despite being categorised as Endangered by the IUCN Red List, the JWP is

unprotected by Indonesian law. Now, this species is restricted to a few small isolated

areas on Java with elevation below about 800m asl and most of which are outside the

conservation area. Conflict cannot be avoided because this species is considered an agricultural pest by the community. This species is threatened by hunting activities with the aim of eradicating pests, hobbies, comercials, and pig-dog fight and also hybridization pressure with Sus scrofa.

One of the small isolated areas that remaining habitat of JWP is Batukaras, West

Java Indonesia. With vegetation brush and patches of secondary forest, almost all of pigs

here were JWP. A multidisciplinary project are build to secure JWP in Batukaras with

several programs to protect habitats, populations, and reduce Human-JWP conflicts. We

will secure one area where Javan warty pigs still occur, make it secure for them by

removing Sus scrofa and putting in community conservation measures, support the

communities against potential damage by pigs, and combine in situ with ex situ

measures by rescuing pure warty pigs from hunting, and when successful, being

replicable to other sites. Our goal is to secure the survival of the Javan warty pig, to raise

its profile with local people and government, and ultimately down-list it from

Endangered to Vulnerable on the IUCN Red List.


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