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Javan warty pig conservation and reintroduction project

Focal species: Javan warty pig

Location: Indonesia

Start date: 1st January 2017

Major partners: Ministry of Environment and Forestry, Indonesia; Baluran National Park, BBKSDA Jawa Timur, Cikanga WRC, Taman Safari Indonesia.

Summary: The Javan warty pig was common in Baluran NP up until a decade ago. Since then it has gone locally extinct from the park. The project aims at reintroducing Javan warty pigs into Baluran National Park, and restore it to a genetically viable population in the near future. Today, 16 individuals are kept at temporary breeding bomas in Baluran National Parks and once family groups have been established, including reproduction one group will be released and monitored with GPS/satellite collars fitted to a few group members. Released groups will be supported with food until they roam freely on their own.

WPSG Member contact: Hariyawan Agung Wahyudi; Suci Mahanani


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