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Mangyan – Tamaraw Driven Landscape Program

Location: Philippines

Start date: 2014

Major partners: Philippines Department of Environment and Natural Resources, IUCN SSC Asian Wild Cattle Specialist Group (AWCSG), Global Wildlife Conservation, Berlin Tierpark, ZGAP, AFdPZ, Singapore Zoo/Wildlife Reserves Singapore

Summary: This project aims to restore the socio-environmental conditions in the different areas where the tamaraw still can be found in Mindoro, to preserve and enhance local biodiversity while allowing local indigenous communities to remain sustainably in their land and preserve their cultural identity. Activities include camera trapping, gathering data on Oliver's warty pig from ranger patrols using SMART technology, and gathering and analysing data on Mindoro warty pigs collected during specific monitoring/census operations for tamaraw.

WPSG Member contact: Emmanuel Schütz


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