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Population dynamics of the wild boar in a Mediterranean environment

Location: Preserve of Castelporziano, Roma, Italy

Start date: 1993

Major partners: Barbara Franzetti, (ISPRA), project co-leader, Jean Michel Gaillard, Marléne Gamelon (for animals) and Samuel Venner (for plants) of the LBBA (Lyon, France)

Summary: The project is run inside the Preserve of Castelporziano in one of the relict plain Mediterranean forests. Beside wild boar, the study area includes other ungulates fallow deer (Dama dama), Italian roe deer (Capreolus capreolus italicus) and few red deer (Cervus elaphus). The project on the wild boar is carried on without interruptions from 1993. The work is aimed to (1) clarify the long-term regulation mechanisms of a wild boar population and (2) to test innovative assessment methods in the field. The basic activities are known-age animal tagging and animal counts. Population assessment is done using capture-mark-recapture, camera traps and nocturnal distance sampling with thermal imager. The three methods are used for comparison and to identify levels of precision and accuracy.

WPSG Member contact: Stefano Focardi


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