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Pygmy Hog Conservation Programme

Focal species: Pygmy hog

Location: India

Start date: November 1995

Major partners: Forest Department - Govt. of Assam; Ministry of Environment, Forest & Climate Changes - Govt. of India; Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust; IUCN SSC Wild Pig Specialist Group; Ecosystems India; Aaranyak

Summary: PHCP is trying to save the species and its habitat. In 1996, six wild hogs were captured from Manas and brought to the Research & Breeding Centre located at Guwahati. PHCP maintains a captive population of about 70 hogs and has reintroduced 130 hogs over thirteen years in four protected areas of Assam. Before release, hogs are taught to survive independently at a pre-release facility. The released hogs are monitored using field signs, camera traps and radio-telemetry. Recent study at Orang NP revealed that reintroduce population has breeding and expanding the population.

Till 2018, the PHCP was guided by the IUCN Species Action Plan (SAP) 1993, prepared by the WPSG. The revised SAP has been enacted with a long term vision till 2030. The PHCP is guided by Durrell’s ‘Rewild Our World’ strategy with two plans which map out the programme until 2025, one for habitat and community activities in Manas NP and the second for the pygmy hog captive breeding and reintroduction programme. In order to achieve the programme’s vision of restoring pygmy hog populations in the wild and protecting their grassland habitat for the benefit of all threatened species and local communities, these plans are being implemented.

WPSG Member contact: Parag Jyoti Deka: /; Dr Dhritiman Das


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