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Scientific coordination of Euroboar

Location: Europe-wide

Start date: 2016

Summary: This collaborative project involves a large number of institutions, researchers and managers strongly motivated to clarify wild boar biology in Europe. It developed from a first meeting organised in Italy in June 2016. Participants agree to a certain number of rules to guarantee data property and confidentiality. A general meeting is organised each year (2017 Ub, Serbia; 2018 Prague, Czech Republic; 2019 Hainich, Germany) in order to foster cooperation and to verify the progress of collaborative research projects. Beside the scientific coordinator, two data curators (Kevin Morelle and Katarina Flajsman) organise the huge database of the project and interact with data owners. The database contains the trajectories of hundreds of wild boar, information about capture-mark-recapture studies and population information, biometrical data and others.

WPSG Member contact: Stefano Focardi


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